Celebration, solo exhibition at HPGRP Gallery,NY
May, 2009

Using the town of Celebration Florida as my inspiration I am exploring the nostalgic and contradictory nature of contemporary life; evidenced by mass produced objects, documentary photographs, and decorative motifs.

As always the contradictions of contemporary life are what interest me. Using the ubiquitous 99¢ store figurine as the protagonists I have created a contemporary Altar painting that depicts a typical American family as the witnesses to the crucified Christ. The family consists of parents in their wedding attire, an oversized baby, adorable siblings, and the family dog. The triptych format is a nod to altar paintings of the past.

Love is explored through the two large paintings of couples looking dreamingly into the distance in old-fashioned clothing but with a hint of contemporary life peeking through in their accessories.

The series of smaller mixed media works on paper (silk screen, digital print and acrylic paint on paper) take the idea of contradictions a step further by contrasting photographic images of urban life; a Katrina trailer park, or the US / Mexican border against an idealized and sentimental painting of a figurine. Using the same decorative motif throughout the works in the show creates a dialogue between the works.