Series of artworks from current to 1992

Series of paintings based on dresses.

Work based on a toille textile pattern and current news images.

Solo show at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey, September 2012 - December 2012 Mixed Media installation based works.

Paintings based on broken figurines

Mixed media silkscreen, digital prints and paint on paper. 2009-2010.

Series of large watercolor paintings and works on paper from the solo showed titled Celebration. One painting is a large 18' triptych in watercolor.

Series of paintings based on 99cent store and ebay figurines representing women as either "good" or "bad". The oval frames are a nod to victorian Parlor paintings and photographs.

Series of paintings of Sweet 16 figurines in watercolor and acrylic. Near life size. 2005

Solo show at Pentimenti Gallery 2007. Paintings on paper and video.

paintings mounted on silk tablecloths, camouflage paintings, civil war group.

Single image paintings of women and animals based on knick knacks and figurines. Some on patterned backgrounds taken from domestic fabrics and wall coverings.

Collages: henna hand installation and individual pieces, tattoo drawings.

Still Life and Landscape collages, 2001

Series of 22 paintings of the "face" cards of a deck of Tarot.

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